Creality 3D Printer [Halot-One]
435,000 د.ع 435,000 د.ع 435000.0 IQ
Creality HALOT-ONE: High-performance resin 3D printer of a new generation. Print size: 127*80*160mm
Creality 3D Printer [LD-002H]
375,000 د.ع 375,000 د.ع 375000.0 IQ
2020 Creality Newly Released High Precision Resin 3D Printer with large printing volume is Coming, Professional & Advanced Light Source Added, Easy to Leveling, Great Product for Business Start-ups.

Modeling Technology: LCD
Print Size: 130x82x160mm
Print Speed: 1-4s/layer
Creality Washing and Curing [UW-02]
315,000 د.ع 315,000 د.ع 315000.0 IQ

Creality UW-02: All-in-one Washing Curing Machine with Large Size.

Fully-enclosed machine size: 325*295*485mm
Fully-enclosed weight: 8kg
Washing size: 240*160*200mm
Maximum model weight: 2.5kg
Mode: Cleaning/Curing
SLA wavelength: 385nm&405nm
Box type: Fully-enclosed
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-Sky]
1,495,000 د.ع 1,495,000 د.ع 1495000.0 IQ
Creality HALOT-SKY is a new generation of flagship resin 3d printers. Unlimited innovation drives resin printing future
Integral light source
AI hardcore
High agility slicing
High stability Z-axis
WiFi-APP intelligent control
OTA online upgrade.STEAMers - ستيمرز
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-Lite]
870,000 د.ع 870,000 د.ع 870000.0 IQ
The self-developed integral light source of HALOT-LITE makes the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy. 8.9" Monochrome LCD Display, 192*120*200mm Large Printing Size.
High Precision Integral Light Source
High Performance Motherboard
192*120*200mm Large Printing Size
8.9" Monochrome LCD Display
W-Fi/APP Remote Control
5.0" Touch Screen .STEAMers - ستيمرز
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-One Pro]
525,000 د.ع 525,000 د.ع 525000.0 IQ
Creality Washing and Curing [UW-01]
192,000 د.ع 192,000 د.ع 192000.0 IQ
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-One Plus]
605,000 د.ع 605,000 د.ع 605000.0 IQ
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-Ray]
990,000 د.ع 990,000 د.ع 990000.0 IQ
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-Mage]
645,000 د.ع 645,000 د.ع 645000.0 IQ
Creality 3D Printer [Halot-Mage Pro]
995,000 د.ع 995,000 د.ع 995000.0 IQ